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Free Flash mp3 xml Player

Written By klan123 on Minggu, 20 Desember 2009 | 19.31

Flash mp3 xml player

Fully customizable MP3 Player, built with support for multiple Artists and Albums. Everything is XML customizable, including player and images size, player colors, speed and transition effects.

This Flash Mp3 Player contains a handful of features and settings. It is easy to use the player in your Flash projects or as an independent Flash Mp3 Player on your website or Myspace page. It is as easy as moving some actionscript files around, and dragging the movieclip containing the Flash Mp3 Player in your Flash file.
Skinning the Mp3 player

Skinning is very simple as well. To edit the file you don't need any Flash experience, as all the settings are loaded from an external XML file, which you can edit with any text editor. You can change the colors of the elements, the speed of the effects, the size of the images, the size of the mp3 player, add or remove features to the player, and much more.

As an example, you can disable the SHARE button in the XML file, and the control bar will automatically resize to fill the empty space on the right of the Flash Mp3 Player.
Playlists, artists and albums

The playlists are also loaded from an external XML file, so you can add unlimited artists and albums.
Audio Volume

The user can quickly turn on/off the audio, or change the volume by dragging the volume bar. The music will fade in/out between the values. When the user comes to the player again, the volume is already stored in his cache, and the mp3 player will start from the last value set by the user.
Player source code
The code is very well commented, written in ActionScript 2, following the best OOP practices, and the downloadable files come with all the assets used to create the Flash Mp3 Player such as the fonts, the PSD source files and the Flash source files.

- Streaming – starts playing before the song is fully loaded
- Seek bar for displaying song progress
- Shuffle songs
- Share Mp3 Player
- Download button with customizable link
- Buy button with customizable link
- Volume slider with cache support
- Mute button
- Customize auto-play, volume start value and display text through XML file.
- Customize playlist through XML file
- Unlimited number of albums/artists and songs
- Colors are customizable from XML
- Speed of effects customizable from XML
- Size of images customizable from XML
- Scrolling auto-start customizable from XML

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GeoClassAuctions Enterprise Edition Nulled Script

Free Download GeoClassAuctions Enterprise Edition Nulled Script

Product Description

Welcome to the next generation of Classifieds and Auctions software - GeoClassAuctions Enterprise. Our latest edition of GeoClassAuctions Enterprise is packed with a valuable set of administrative tools to help you get your auctions and classifieds website up and running fast, regardless of your targeted industry.

That's right! No experience is necessary. All you need is a domain name and your own creativity and you can start your own income-producing Auctions and Classified Ads website today (or add auctions and classifieds functionality to an existing website) using the most flexible online design tool on the market. GeoClassAuctions is revolutionizing how online Auctions and Classifieds websites operate.

GeoClassAuctions offers anyone (novice to professional) the ability to start their own fully functional online auctions and classifieds listing service. Its html template based design platform makes it extremely easy for you to modify the default design or completely replace it with your own design, just as you would a typical static html website. This software has all the tools you need to create a successful, income-earning website TODAY!

Product Highlights
Seller / Buyer Options

* Standard Auctions
* Dutch Auctions
* Classified Ads
* Auction Previewing
* Buy Now Auctions
* Proxy Bidding on Auctions
* Reserve Bid for Auctions
* Minimum Bid for Auctions
* Auction Bid Tracking
* Feedback for Auction Seller
* Feedback for Auction Buyer
* Sellers Other Listings Page
* Advanced Search
* Browsing Filters
* WYSIWYG Editor

* Upgrade Classified Ad
* Upgrade Auction
* Renew Classified Ad
* Renew Auction
* Copy Classified Ad
* Copy Auction
* Remove Classified Ad
* Remove Auction
* Black List
* Invited List
* Show Mapping Link
* Display SOLD Sign
* Favorites List
* Print Signs & Flyers

* Upload Photos
* Upload Videos
* Upload Documents
* Featured Classified Ads
* Featured Auctions
* Attention Getters
* Messaging System
* Contact Seller
* Sniper Protection
* Auto-Notify Settings
* Auction Bid Status Emails
* Printer Friendly Page
* Vote on Classified Ads
* Sort Listings

Admin Settings

* Full Page Text Editing
* Full CSS Control
* Manage Users
* Manage Price Plans
* Manage Payments
* Photo Resizing

* Listing Approval
* Registration Approval
* Suspend Users
* Bad Word Filter
* Site On/Off Switch

Security Features

* Secure Registration
* Secure Login
* Secure Listing
* IP Banning
* Domain Block/Allow
* Captcha Image

* Email Verification
* Bad Word Filters
* Max Listing Setting
* Form Field Checking
* Suspend Users
* HTML Restriction

International Settings

* Run Multi Languages
* Easy to Translate
* Popular Gateways
* Multiple Currencies
* Currency Pre/Post-fix
* Geography Setup
* Date Formatting

* Phone Formatting
* Server Time Offset
* CHARSET Setting
* Monetary Formatting
* Language Export
* Language Import

Fee-Based Features

* Accept PayPal
* Accept Credit Cards
* Fee-Based Pricing
* Subscription Pricing
* Fee Per Category
* Final Fee Auctions
* Featured Listings

* Discount Codes
* Bolded Listing Fee
* Priority Listing Fee
* Listing Renewals
* Listing Upgrades
* Fee per Photo
* Attention Getters

Site Customization

* HTML Templates
* Source Code Open
* SEO Friendly
* Unlimited Cat's
* Custom Questions
* Custom Templates
* Splash Pages

* Revert Templates
* HTML Modules
* PHP Modules
* Custom Search Page
* BETA Features
* Auction Only Cat's
* Classified Only Cat's


* Installation Wizard
* Easy Registration
* Lost Password
* Mapping Link
* Gallery Photos
* Issue Credits
* Extra Pages

* Seamless Upgrades
* No "Powered by"
* Multi-Industry
* Admin BCC on Emails
* Copy Categories

Total Add On Savings: $394

* Storefront Add On
* SEO Add On
* Anonymous Listing Add On
* Attention Getters Add On
* Discount Codes Add On
* Signs and Flyers Add On
* Security Image Add On
* Joomla/Mambo Bridge Add On
* GeoProducts Bridge Add On
* Main Email Sender Add On
* Example Add On
* Debug Logging Add On
* Debug Message Add On
* License Activity Add On

Demo : Click Here

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Social Engine 3.17 Nulled Script [Full Work]

Free Social Engine 3.17 Nulled Script [Full Work] | Download Social Engine 3.17 Nulled Script [Full Work] | TOp Social Engine 3.17 Nulled Script [Full Work]

Just released August 7, 2009
SocialEngine is a PHP script that creates a social network on your website. Right out of the box, your social network will offer nearly all of the features found on today's popular social networking sites.

The changes include :

SocialEngine v3.17 :

- Fixed some remaining issues with sessions/login
- Fixed PHP4 compatibility issue
- Fixed handling issue with memcached
- Fixed problem with MAX_FILE_SIZE in upload form

100% Control & Content Ownership
Our philosophy is to give our customers 100% control of their network, including their visual layout, functionality, and - most importantly - their content. Many other social network providers and community-building tools retain your users' data on their servers, preventing you from migrating to another service or leveraging your own community's content for advertising. Conversely, SocialEngine is hosted on your own server where you have complete control over every aspect of your community.

100% Customizable & Brandable
We want your new social network to offer something unique. Out of the box, SocialEngine gives you a simple, unbranded network that you can customize in absolutely any way. This lets you get right to deplying your unique theme, social structure, or new social concept using our source code as a foundation. Our platform is truly "white label", meaning we do not display any branding, company logos, or "powered by" text whatsoever. We will never charge you to add your own logo and branding to your community, and sincerely encourage you to do so!

100% Unencrypted Source Code
We actively encourage our users to customize their social networks in any way. We provide the complete source code for SocialEngine making it simple to add or integrate any features. We've gone to great lengths to make SocialEngine incredibly easy for you to work with and customize. The source code is thoroughly commented to help you understand every stage of the PHP code. We also provide fully commented HTML templates for every single page of your social network, including global header/footer templates and an organized CSS stylesheet.

Instant Download, Easy Setup
When you have a novel idea for a new social network or online community, we know that you want to get started right away. This is why we provide you with a download link immediately after your purchase. Our system is designed to get your social network up and running as quickly as possible; after our easy installation, your new social network site is ready to go! You can immediately begin signing up users or purchase additional third-party mods and templates.

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